The Gold Rush of the Midwest

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A National Treasure Story

The National Pearl Button Museum @ The History and Industry Center proudly tells Muscatine’s story in becoming the Pearl Button Capital of the World. Today, Muscatine thrives through entrepreneurship and manufacturing. The museum thrives today with your support to collect, preserve and interpret local industrial and entrepreneurial history, highlighting the past, present and future of the Muscatine area.

A MUST for Guys & Gals!
I read a couple of Trip Advisor reviews and it sold me on this special museum. We stopped in and opted for the docent led narrative by Vada Baker. No fee for the museum, however your donation helps carry on this legacy. Vada has a passion for the Pearl Button era. I’ve been sewing for 50+ years so I knew I would enjoy the museum. My partner thoroughly enjoyed as well. The ingenuity and equipment used for these buttons is amazing. Go, it’s well worth it. I’m going to recommended to my Midwest friends to make this a weekend or day trip.
Bedford, TX
Trip Advisor – June 2021

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Corporate Sponsors

The National Pearl Button Museum thrives with the support of its corporate partners.  The Pearl Pipeline of Industrial History includes entrepreneurial & philanthropy that benefited not only Iowa but the World.  See their stories on display on the second floor of the Museum.